Photographers Insurance

If you are a professional photographer do you even need insurance, I am sure you are thinking. Well if you do consider yourself a professional with paying clients, then for sure you need to be covered.

It is essential to take our liability insurance in case you cannot carry out the contracted services. You should also have liability insurance if you take a significant amount of camera and lighting equipment to a client site. Liability insurance can cover any claims made against you and your business.

Even if you are professional, mistakes and faulty equipment can happen. Imagine for example you do a day’s shoot and your memory card fails and you are unable to retrieve the images insurance can cover any claims against you, this is called “errors and omissions insurance”.

Hiscox is one insurance company which understands the needs of small business owners, particularly photographers. There are many instances where photographers may need insurance, such as injury and accidents, property damage and defamation and libel cases.

As a photographer your biggest investment is often the equipment that you need to carry out your job. The equipment is expensive and can easily be stolen if care is not taken. Camera and other electronic equipment is often a target for thieves, so it is important to be adequately insured for loss of any equipment.

Hilcox can cover you for work taken overseas but claims must be made in U.S., a U.S. Territory or Canada.

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