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Hey y’all. I’m just a girl named Brooke. My father calls me booger and to anyone else it’s Brooke, Brookie, Baby, or the most common, MOM, and I’m here to document one of the most important days of your life.

I’m all for: Quickly becoming part of your BFF mama tribe, gettin’ real, cheering you on, and laughing with you through every crazy moment on this birth journey.

I am an enneagram 3…so what does that mean? It means I value achievement and want to be the best, and I strive for success in the birth world. I’m hard-working, receptive, and always offering the gifts of hope and integrity to the world.

Which leads me to express my love and crazy desire to photograph birth’s…

If you haven’t heard of this thing called “enneagram” here is a cool test to see what enneagram you are.

My heart is full of hunger for all things creative. I basically eat, sleep and breathe for home renovations and design. My husband, Chuck, likes to give me a hard time and say “alright, Joanna Gaines”. I wanna smack him sometimes, but for now I will refrain.

I am so glad you are here to join me in this journey through the busy life of a creative mind and a lover of birth photography.

A couple other random thangs!

I am a cougar, to MY MAN! Yep you read that right. I’m 6 years older than Chuckles and I still have my naughty way with him! He tries to keep up, but he’s too slow.
I have 2 rainbow babies, Ryker and Haidyn. Rainbow babies are babies born after suffering loss.
I love a cold red bull anytime of the day. I can still pass out drinking one at 6PM with dinner. I have a passion for weird combos of flavor. Matter of fact, I am eating cookie dough out of the package right now, with sour gummies.
I love tattoos, I have 4 myself. 2 are larger than an 8×11 piece of paper and the only way you can see them is if I’m in a bathing suit, and that is rare these days. It’s not always warm here in VA. In Hawaii I was always on the beach, sippin’ my red bull and eating my cookie dough and sour gummies!
We were parents to a blue pit named Diesel, he was our son for 9.5 years and my anxiety service pup. My best friend, he passed due to cancer in October of 2018 and my life surely hasn’t been the same since. I am not sure that I will ever have another. He really was half of my heart.




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