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Andy Batt is leading Photo Float 2023, a landscape photography workshop floating down the Green River, Utah.

Most of us need a creative “reset” once in a while, and this trip has what you need: a chance to do something new and a way to switch up your regular day-to-day. It’s a landscape photography workshop emphasizing creative growth and inspiration for any kind of photographer.

Our float happens over eight days (seven nights). We float down the wild and scenic Green River in Utah through Desolation and Gray Canyons. Every night we camp under desert skies, far from any lights. The river runs through 66 miles of a designated wilderness area. No cars. No buildings, streets, or fast food restaurants. You’re surrounded by the beautiful solitude of the desert. We head downstream, cameras in hand, witnessing miles and miles of stunning canyons and desert landscapes.

The value of this workshop is incredible: small class size, fantastic food, camping under the desert skies, 1:1 guidance from Andy, professional river guides, and all on-river logistics are taken care of.

Our workshop is open to any artist that loves the art of the landscape — Andy will be talking about photography, but all image makers are welcome. If you’re a painter, illustrator, or other visual artist, he would love to have you along.

Andy Batt is a commercial photographer with over 20 years of experience working for advertising agencies, magazines, and Fortune 500 clients. Over that time, he’s nurtured a love of landscape photography as a means of visual meditation.


Photo Float 2023
with Andy Batt

July 15-22, 2023 (8 days & 7 nights) (calendar)

Green River, Utah
Departs from the airfield in Green River, UT, on July 15th
Oct 1 – Dec 31:  20% off at $2560 (plus tax & fees)

Inquiries: info@canyonphotofloat.com
Details and Booking: canyonphotofloat.com
Newsletter: photofloat.substack.com

“This trip, these classes, and the people I met inspired me to pick up my camera and do what I should have done a long time ago – shoot for myself. I came back from the trip with a new portfolio, new friends, and most importantly, a new love for the craft.” —Paul Wood, professional photographer

“On this trip, I felt reconnected with the reasons I started photographing in the first place. With Andy’s prompts and image reviews, I made photographs that feel freer and more unconstrained than any I’ve made in years. Being so remote, surrounded by great people, and free of modern responsibilities was soul-cleansing. I’d recommend it to anyone artistically stuck.” –Zac Goodwin, fine art photographer

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Green River, UT 84525

United States, Utah

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