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With years of experience as a professional nature photographer for National Geographic, Robbie George Photography provides nature photography of some of the most breathtaking locations and wildlife on Earth. Whether you’re looking for a calming seascape ocean print, landscape photography or a captivating portrait of one of the world’s many inhabitants, his fine art nature photographs can add a piece of Mother Nature’s splendor to your home.

Each nature photography print is crafted with the highest quality fine art paper and archival pigments inks to create an image so vivid that you’ll have to remind yourself it isn’t the real thing. Robbie George Photography also offers exquisitely finished framed wall art prints, delivered and ready to display with hanging hardware already attached!

For the past 12 years I have been a professional nature photographer with National Geographic, and my work has been featured at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, on-screen at Apple product unveilings, and 100 Wonders of the World, among other venues.

My fine art nature photographs have been on display in a number of National Geographic Fine Art Galleries across the country, as well. I am committed to bringing the visual splendor of the natural world to homes and families everywhere.

Each one of my nature pictures has one of my beautiful nature quotes associated with it and it's my hope that these nature pictures and lovely words of wisdom will touch the senses, the heart and soul. These thoughtful photography quotes were inspired by me out in the field while photographing Mother Nature.

It is my hope that these words of wisdom I have created will give pause to our society so we can appreciate the importance of Mother Nature. My intent with these nature quotes is to be a voice for the voiceless and I feel that it is my divine calling to convey these messages for Mother Nature with my photographs and words. As I like to say, "Mother Nature is the ultimate poet of spirit and the bearer of spiritual wisdom."

My seascape photo gallery has some wonderful ocean quotes as well! Check out my wildlife photography and landscape photography galleries to be inspired by some amazing nature pictures form around the world. I have been lucky enough to appreciate some of the world’s most beautiful sights up close, and it is my hope that my nature photography will bring you the same sense of awe and reverence that I have experienced.

When ordering from Robbie George Photography you will be happy to know that Robbie works with a sustainable ZERO-WASTE company to fulfill his orders!

You can be rest assured that your order will never contain wood of endangered species or from protected forests and it will always be eco friendly! Through conscious sourcing, conscious waste, and conscious consumption every single aspect of buying nature pictures from Robbie George Photography works towards sustainability for Mother Nature!

100% of framed wall art from Robbie George Photography will be sourced from reclaimed barn wood, up-cycled wood fiber, felled plantation trees, reclaimed fence boards, reclaimed finger-jointed scrap wood, bamboo, tobacco leaves, banana bark, cotton husks, seashells, or from sustainably managed forests.

80% of your order will be domestically sourced which helps reduce the carbon footprint of your order! All ink and toner cartridges to create your print are refilled and recycled! This means that nothing that goes into creating your order will end up in the landfill. Ever!

When ordering from Robbie George Photography, together we can make Mother Nature proud by seeking new and better ways to create harmony with the earth! Let Robbie George add a touch of nature’s wonder to your home wall decor in a sustainable way!

Thank you for doing your own responsible sourcing by purchasing your fine art nature pictures from Robbie George Photography!

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