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West Main Photo & Film has a range of styles to choose from to fit the feel and vibe of whatever moment you have in mind. Our photographers have 55 years of combined experience to offer. We've captured it all, we've seen it all. This is nobody's first rodeo. Maybe you have an engagement coming up, or a wedding, or if you're further down the road you need to update your family photos since you've had a child...or two. And sometimes you don't even need a reason to have photos done. You do you. Take your time here. Grab a coffee and browse through our photographer's portfolios and decide who you'd love to book a session with. We think Victor Hugo was right. Let us capture it, the light that is you.


Address : 110 W Main St Suite C, Farmington, New Mexico, 87401, USA

Phone : (505) 436-1058

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(505) 436-1058

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New Mexico, United States

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